Free Audio – How To Find A “New” Market

I’ve recorded a 13 minutes short audio sharing some tips on niche marketing, which is another concept of Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ that’ll reveal how to find quality prospects who are going to be interested of your product offers.

By the way, I’ve recorded it on the fly before I have my breakfast this morning because I know I’ll get too busy to do this later on. It’s free and it’s Saturday. So don’t expect it to be professionally presented– I don’t even have a script on my hand but just keep on rambling from what my mind tells me. :-)

However, you can expect it to be 100% content. Here you go:

(The audio’s running time is less than 14 minutes.)

And if you like it, please leave a comment. That would be cool of you and it’s most appreciated.



P.S: Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System is completely sold out. But you can subscribe to the priority notification list now at:

6 Responses to “Free Audio – How To Find A “New” Market”

  1. Sojean Says:

    Hi Patric,
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful tips and advice on niche marketing given to us newbies.

  2. Bob Says:

    Pat as a former professor of marketing what you are saying is on the money. Please email me as I tried emailing you but got your assistant instead. I need to know if your web 2.0 would fit my new ventures .

  3. Raymond Chua Says:

    Hi Patric,

    Thanks for sharing the tips about the behavior of newbies.

    It’s quite straight forward but I have never thought of that. :)

  4. Vincent Kong Yee Onn Says:

    Hi Patic Chan,

    It is very kind of you

    sharing so much tips and

    valuable informations on

    niche marketing about the

    behavior of newbies.

  5. Marcus Franklin Says:

    Hi Patric,

    Thanks for keeping me up to date on what you are doing and the importance of niches. Your ideas are always interesting and I greatly appreciate them!


  6. Wendy Roan Says:

    Patric, I really appreciate your straight-forward approach to business on the internet. Research does take time and effort; but it’s well worth it! Your content is great. Thanks for openly sharing again. — Wendy