Why companies worldwide outlook to cloud services?

November 8th, 2017

Lack of technological skills and augmented solutions within simple attain create businesses embrace third-party data safety providers.

Of those businesses who were not using a third party provider, all but four in ten (43%) said they reach not want to entrust throbbing instruction to a third-party provider, though 34% had security concerns. A significant part of responders said those solutions were too expensive.

Many global businesses are as soon as to measure dataroom later outdoor security vendors, mainly goaded by the need to access broad range of cyber security skills and up-to-date technologies. As much as 30% of British organizations either use or plot migrating their data security matter to a managed security facilities provider, according to the recent research. This makes business leaders examine supplementary attitudes to risk evaluation as competently as the size of investment into opinion security.

Can the upcoming General Data protection Regulation (GDPR) activate companies to play-act past security solution vendors? The triggering date of May 2018 is approaching, nevertheless many businesses yet are not aware of the importance of this new regulation. Also, businesses that are based in Europe may have other concerns as Brexit is approaching. These further challenges to corporate governance, risk and agreement ecosystem pose potentially big buildup place for third-party security facilities providers.

Currently, by yourself 39% companies across the U. K. Declare GDPR as a supplementary area of risk for them. This is the lowest figure across every European countries participated in the survey.

Businesses choose to agreement once outside vendors in portion because of lower expenses coupled past augmented cloud data safety support.

According to a global laboratory analysis of nearly 1400 matter leaders, businesses are changing their attitude towards their IT strategy, as more and more businesses are outsourcing enterprise IT security to the external vendor. Cyber fraud continues to thrive, so more meticulous security consent procedures must be employed. Yet, in-house resources are often certainly limited and cannot often meet such demand.

While this is legal that many businesses are challenged by the nonexistence of highbrow skills in-house, it is difficult to remain long-suffering though with coping behind a growing complexity of security landscape. Cyber threats suddenly growth in both mysteriousness and execution, no bewilderment many corporate IT personnel locate it difficult to save up. Companies often reach they nonappearance the skills and technology next its too tardy for detection and they must unity with curt danger. An external security provider can ensure 24/7 right of entry to top industry skills and knowledge, as well as employing the most protester fraud detection and threat analytics tools and research. An in-house team cannot always agreement subsequently such scope of tasks unless a company is prepared to create a significant capital investment.

Other notable takeouts from the data security survey include:

44% global businesses are already using or planning to use a third-party security solution. 28% might adjudicate such touch in the future. On your own 8% pick to save their security trial in-house.

Switzerland and Hong Kong businesses are most likely to imitate their security processes to a third-party vendor. Sweden, Germany and Austria are least get into to distressing data external corporate walls.

Financial facilities are most likely to use external vendors for security, even though processing agencies creature least likely to use third-party providers.

While lonely 6% of UK businesses are entrusting their security to an external vendor, 23% business decision makers plot to use a third-party provider. More than 29% say they disturb their security to the cloud in the future, and unaccompanied a minority (11%) plot to glue to in-house data security.

One in three UK businesses say that they plan to use a third-party security provider because they realize not have plenty internal skills while another third needs to have entry to enlarged tools and technology. Approximately a quarter of examination participants said that outsourcing is more budget-friendly. Nearly a half of responders want to use a vendor for safe data storage and data management, as well as to host cloud migration projects.

In general, more than half of businesses are eager in exploring security trial offered by outside security services vendors.


November 6th, 2017

This is my first post

Hello world. This my website!

November 2nd, 2017

Hello world. This my website!

Free Audio – How To Find A “New” Market

March 7th, 2008

I’ve recorded a 13 minutes short audio sharing some tips on niche marketing, which is another concept of Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ that’ll reveal how to find quality prospects who are going to be interested of your product offers.

By the way, I’ve recorded it on the fly before I have my breakfast this morning because I know I’ll get too busy to do this later on. It’s free and it’s Saturday. So don’t expect it to be professionally presented– I don’t even have a script on my hand but just keep on rambling from what my mind tells me. :-)

However, you can expect it to be 100% content. Here you go:

(The audio’s running time is less than 14 minutes.)

And if you like it, please leave a comment. That would be cool of you and it’s most appreciated.



P.S: Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System is completely sold out. But you can subscribe to the priority notification list now at: www.nichemarketing2.com


February 26th, 2008

Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System is NOW OFFICIALLY, LAUNCHED!

Own your copy now at:


REMEMBER: There are 200 limited copies available only. And if you’re the first 20, there are 4 FAST MOVER BONUSES up for the take.


bad news

February 25th, 2008

I’ve already worked out my math– It’s impossible to offer unlimited copies of the Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System to the market tomorrow. So I have no choice but to limit the numbers of clients.

Ya, I know, you probably think this is some sort some of ‘scarcity’ strategy seen in those guru’s launches. But I think I owe it to you to tell you this– regardless of what you think.

The maximum numbers of clients accepted will only be 200 simply because of two major reasons–all Niche 2.0 Sites are custom setup where we do all of the technical stuff for you. Secondly, THERE ARE A LOT OF WORK involves providing support and training. I’m not just talking about tech support here, but providing live tele-classes training and showing how to generate income as well.

I’m already ‘pulled’ into doing this but I want to get back to my real work after letting the dust settle, to make money from my Niche Marketing 2.0 concept. And besides, I just tied the knots. If you just got married, I believe you don’t want to be some kind of high-flyer playing the ‘guru game’ but would prefer to spend some quiet time with your wife. Having 500 clients will definitely eat up my personal time.

Several of who’s who of internet marketing will be promoting the system to their list on tomorrow’s launch. Most of them are the movers and shakers of this industry and from the record I’ve seen, just a JV partner might already sell 50 copies! There are 30 JV Partners registered and I guess, at least 10 of them will be promoting heavily.

So if you’re seriously considering for the system, go to www.nichemarketing2.com at 9.00 AM EST tomorrow (26th February).

Although the system is worth at least $4,500, it won’t be priced there. It’ll not even cost you $3,000.

One more thing– I just realized that my countdown timer was counting the time wrongly! So I took it down and since I can’t figure how to set a correct one up, I’ll just leave it that way. :-)

In the meantime, check out the screen capture shots I got from Yahoo.com:


I need you to know that I’m not a SEO guy. If you’ve been going to SEO seminars or reading about it heavily, chances are, you’re smarter than me. I’m just this ordinary guy who happens to stumble upon a new concept of doing niche marketing and search engine is part of it. So I’m here to learn too. My only advantage is I know the precise techniques armed with the right resources.

For getting rank in Yahoo.com, I didn’t even do any search engine optimizations other than putting 2 backlinks from my own sites and did some social bookmarking from StumbleUpon.com and Digg.com, which took me less than 5 minutes. Again, no rocket science here.

The reason why I picked, “free self help articles online” keywords as an example is because that’s the long tail keywords I was trying to get ranked. And I got it ranked effortlessly.

Now, you can debate all you want that these are not competitive keywords and so on, BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT HERE.

The point is, it’s easy to get ranked for long tail keywords with the system. I wonder how much more free traffic I’m getting from many other long tail keywords now.

And over period of time, I’ll slowly build up my authority status to get rank for more competitive keywords.

Remember in my report, I’ve shared the technique to make 6-figure income in niche marketing quickly by selling a site?

Having keywords optimized in the search engines make the site looks attractive to be purchased.

Well, with a site full of content that’s currently generating income and ranked in the search engine like www.successandlife.com, would you buy it if I sell? Maybe you won’t but I bet that I’ll easily sell it off to the right candidate if I let the words out.

$10,000, maybe.

A friend of mine, Adam Davis living in Australia, once sold a site for $13,000 or so because it has some cool content management software controlling it. I’m not even sure there’s content, existing traffic, search engine ranking or current income on it.

Let’s say I can’t sell it for $10,000– can I pull it off for $5,000? Or maybe $3,000?

I’m sure I’ll get a line of buyers for $3,000. :-)

The truth is, I’d rather keep it and sell it for $50,000 next year. Or let it go on auto-pilot to generate consistent income for me.

My point is, it’s truly a dream come true opportunity because you simply can’t lose. You get the site, software and just follow the steps given in the Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System.

But this is no lottery ticket, bucko. Sorry. It only works if you make it work. For those who want to buy the system and expect it to generate income on autopilot while they’re chilling out, this may not be what they’re looking for. Some other time, some other place. They should buy a $47 ebook by the ‘gurus’ that give such promise.

However, that is somewhat possible after the groundwork is taken care of.

It’s a powerful system but it doesn’t do magic. It doesn’t have a red button that says, ‘click here and you’ll get endless massive traffic’ or ‘click here and your product will start selling like hot cakes’. If someone’s who’s ignorant towards marketing is having problems with his internet business and hope that by buying the system it’ll create miracle for him the next day, stop. I’m not here to clean up impossible-to-fix mess.

You see, I’m not desperate to sell. Working with 200 clients closely to make them profitable is already straining enough, although I enjoy that journey together, but working with whiners and tire-kickers, I rather go back minding my own business.

Jo Han Mok, a good friend of mine, once told me, “System works. It’s only the people that fail to make it works.”

And he’s right on the dot. So it takes the right people to leverage on the system and generate internet income.

Right people are those who can follow the proven simple steps provided and care to spend some time building a business for their future income. They understand time invested today is TOMORROW’S SECURE INCOME.

Now to some shade of extra good news…


I’ll be adding Fast Mover Bonuses tomorrow. Yeah, I’m ‘guilty’ to admit that this time I’m playing the ‘scarcity game’ you’ve seen in product launches. Yup, the standard drill.

One of the Fast Mover Bonuses includes unique branding design by our in-house team. We’ll setup and design your website for you that fit your niche theme. And this is not some cheap template header crap where other sites will have the same design– NO.

You’re getting a totally unique design that ONLY YOU HAVE. This way, you can sit back and let us take care the whole tedious and boring design work for you. For an example of the header design, you can see SuccessAndLife.com website.

But the best one would be the $997 worth Fast Mover Bonus. You’ll get to attend 3 live webinars where you’ll hear and watch me critique a Niche 2.0 Site to improve the conversion rates, structure strategies and devise stealth tactics to increase profit.

At the same time, you can also submit your own Niche 2.0 Site to be reviewed for 100% free. This alone would worth thousands of dollars if you’re seeking this service separately. I’ll also consult with you directly on the methods and strategies you can use to create content, attract traffic and generate income for your new internet business model.

Remember– you’re getting feedbacks and advice directly from me, the person who creates this system. I’m not taking all the credits, but it’ll make sense that I should know more than anyone else since it’s me who pioneered the whole shebang. Ego freak. :-)

Besides that, you’ll be able to observe how other Niche 2.0 Sites are being improved right in front of your eyes– instant case studies for you to model!

I’m just going to stop writing now and get myself prepare for tomorrow’s launch since it’s less 18 hours now. It’s a been a looooong week talking to programmers on the software, structuring the site for the best marketing optimization, writing a bunch of emails, shooting videos that didn’t work, going the checklists I’ve prepared for the system and everything else. I’m going to spend the rest of my night watching a good DVD with my wife– probably trying to complete our never-ending “24″ series. How in the world it ends up with so many seasons?

And feel free to leave your feedback or questions here. I’ll be on the lookout and read them all personally.

Talk soon,


P.S: Guess what, I managed to record my video message with good sound (FINALLY!). To be frank, I’m very proud of it although there’s gazillions of ‘cuts’. You’ll see it tomorrow on the launch and hear some dog barking at the back.

P.P.S: Here’s how Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System looks like:

read it, it’s important

February 24th, 2008

I have a selfish confession– Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System was never designed for anyone else except for me to use.

I know some people might not like reading this truth, but I have to get that out of my heart so that I don’t feel like hiding anything for selling the system soon. I don’t want you to feel I’m some kind of giver, although I am, but I’m doing this much for myself than for any reason. Dad’s rule number one to earn an honest living is always to be truthful and he proves me right until today.

However, if you know my desperation to research and test this concept, I think you would understand why I wanted to keep it to myself– how much it means to me.

I started marketing online as an ordinary guy living in some small island called, Penang in Malaysia 5 years ago. Never studied in any college or University in my whole life and can’t even speak English fluently a couple years ago. My grammar’s still crappy but good thing my subscribers still read the stuff I write.

Although most of my customers are from United States, I’ve never been there until last year. And that’s also because I’ve earned some minor credibility in the internet marketing world to be invited to attend Stephen Pierce’s house warming party and Rich Jerk’s party in LA.

I’ve also mentioned in my new released report, How To Make 6-Figure Income In Niche Marketing that my Dad drives taxi for a living for more than 10 years and Dad makes an honest living to take care all of us from that income source.

When I started, I don’t have a single marketing or technical background and as of today, my technical know-how is still limited.

You see, I’ve worked very hard for the past few years to have a comfortable life today, living with my wife.

First Fast Rule: The Internet is not bias. You don’t need to be ‘smart’ or ‘qualified’ to earn good income from it.

I don’t bother much with what’s going on in the internet marketing circle because I’m just minding my own business to generate more incomes from niche markets. If you’re a subscriber of mine, you will see how minimum endorsements I’ve promoted each month related to internet marketing products. Simply because, my income doesn’t depend on my marketing list.

I was generating 5 to 6 figure income in niche markets per month from all sorts of income streams–Adsense, info-product sales, affiliate programs, buy/sell sites and others.

Then the thing that I feared most starts happening—The market’s behavior changed. These include visitors/subscribers behavior, marketplace competition and other external influence like the boom of web 2.0.

With no surprise, my income starts to drop and it keeps on going down.

I was worried day and night.

At first, I was angry because the game is not being fair to me. I paved the road with my two hands and now the road’s no longer taking me to my destination. I DO ALL OF THESE HARD WORK and everything starts to disappear.

I talked with my wife about this and you know what– when you speak it out, sometimes you think better. I realized that it’s POINTLESS to fight against the change or be upset about it. Instead, I need to ADAPT to the chance to leverage on it before others do. Riding on the wave OR BE AHEAD of the game.

So I ended up spending months and tens of thousands dollars to find out what’s working for me. I used years of my experience in niche marketing and guess what–Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ concept was discovered.

I’m back in the game. All of the changes are now working towards me because others are still clueless of what’s happening.

Then one day, my wife reminded me:

“Have you prepared your speaking presentations yet? I’ve already booked the ticket to Singapore and we’re flying off this Wednesday because you’ve told me you want to reach earlier to catch up with your buddies, Matt and Jo Han first.”

She’s referring to Matt Bacak and Jo Han Mok’s Internet Millionaire Incubator Seminar. Then I have also agreed to speak for Stephen Pierce’s Unleash Your Marketing Genius and World Internet Summit by Tom Hua/Brett McFall because it’s a privilege to be invited.

Holy crap. Here I am, happily minding my own stuff and now I need to fly to 3 countries to speak. Don’t get me wrong– it’s actually good news because I’m getting businesses from them but… what I’m going to talk about on stage!? I’ve not been doing anything else except for beta-testing Niche Marketing 2.0 concept in the marketplace.

One option…

I ended up revealing my Niche Marketing 2.0 ideas and strategies to hundreds of people, live. Honestly, I didn’t want to do that at first because I want to use it for my own advantage but I don’t have any other cutting edge material to present at that time.

Words start to get out after the seminars.

Some participants even start to blog about it and it just goes ‘viral’. Starts spreading like bushfire. The worst part is, some guys out there started to share my Power Point slides at their webpages! Darn. Now there’s absolutely no way I can turn it off anymore.

People want to know this new concept. I started getting emails from folks who didn’t attend any of those seminars asking for the Power Point Presentation slides!

So what the heck. I’ll just go ahead and release the whole system to the market for a limited time. But I’m not going to do this after the launch because I want to go back to my real work– using Niche Marketing 2.0 for my personal use to generate income. Look, I got my own business to run. I’m not interested in these ‘guru games’ simply because Niche Marketing 2.0 can increase my income 10 fold this year. Besides, ‘guru games’ are hard work. Product launches happened almost every single day.

As weird as it sounds, I want to help those who are serious because I cannot tolerate how some ‘gurus’ are setting you to fail.

If you have read How To Make 6-Figure Income In Niche Marketing Report, I’ve shared the story of how I bought the ‘ad blaster’. The feeling of disappointment is definitely not a fun thing but worst still–giving money to these crappy ‘gurus’.

But before you continue reading, I want you to be aware that this is not a ‘guru bashing’ rant. Get that clear? I’m not anti-guru, why would I want to bash them.

Most of the courses are created to be incomplete. They don’t reveal everything. They don’t tell you the exact methods or show you any case studies. Some can’t because they never have any real business– their business is to sell you their courses. Bingo. They’ll give you good theories that work like charms and you’ll buy. I know this to be true because I’ve lost counts on how many times my salesletter and blog content been copied by these ‘gurus’.

Then there’s ebooks or courses that beat the sense of logic. A ‘guru’’shows you his sales stats of making $500 a day from Clickbank. And he’ll reveal ALL of his secrets and strategies how you can achieve the same result by buying his $47 book. $47 dollar one-time to trade for $500 per day? Hmm. Guess who’s going to make $500 a day after that.

I’m sure there’s value in those ebooks, but don’t expect it to be complete– even if the salesletter says it’s a ‘complete system’.

Am I hammering too hard? If I am, sorry but that’s not my intention.

“Gurus” like to promise you everything’s possible in their product and hype it up so that it gets your adrenaline rushing. That’s how they sell.

I know how it felt like jumping from one program to another program and end up frustrated. It hurts. Mentally and financially.

That’s why I’m releasing Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System into the market because it might help those who can see opportunities clearly.

Also, I want to reveal a secret to you– simply because you’ve taken your valuable time to read my boring post this long. Thanks.

And just see like Comments left by HumbleDave, Keries, DeeJay, Sunny Tung and others at http://nichemarketing2.com/blog/?p=5. They read and I truly appreciate that.

This is a secret I’ve found out why content sites normally fail. People like you and me are lead by them, the ‘gurus’’to believe that once we build our site, traffic will come like three tons magnet sucking paper clips. And the traffic will keep on coming on autopilot.

The first mistake is to think of setting up another social site because we were told about the fortune in web 2.0. It doesn’t work that way. You got to find a market– a niche. I know it doesn’t sound like a secret to you but be honest with me, have you thought of setting up a full-fledge content site in a niche market with web 2.0 elements on it? I rest my case.

Then, there are ‘gurus’ who sell you sites that promise to make money for you while you sleep. I think they have a way to do that but don’t you think that you’ll have the same site design and content of other customers of theirs? And secondly– if all you need to do is to upload webpages and sit back while waiting for the computer screen to spit out money, then… why didn’t the ‘guru’ just keep his own sites? I guess he has a valid reason and he’ll probably post a comment here to teach me because I’m not technically smart.

The secret to successful content site is simple– find a sub-niche market that you can dominate but use the classic niche marketing strategies. Let me explain this– you’re not going to dominate the dog training niche. But I’m not surprise that you can dominate the “Terrier dog training” niche by positioning your site with valuable content and a community of your own. At the same time, apply niche marketing strategies like building a mailing list instead of trying to make money from site’s traffic alone.

I’ll be emailing to you again tomorrow and if you have any feedbacks, question or like to share anything, feel free to leave your comment below.

Talk soon,



Video #2

February 22nd, 2008

I know I promised you with video #2 yesterday on my earlier post, so I’ve just uploaded it.

Click Here To Watch

You’ll see how I use the Niche 2.0 Site to apply 3 Niche Marketing 2.0 strategies.

Question: What do you think of going into internet marketing niche, compared to niche marketing?

It really depends on what level you’re at right now. I don’t recommend doing that because doing niche marketing will be MUCH EASIER for you to generate income quickly and for long-term.

Most sub-niches of internet marketing ALREADY have its own authorities. For the sub-niches below, we have authorities like:

Jeremy Palmer, Rosalind Gardner and Ewen Chia for affiliate marketing
Tellman Knudson, Mike Filsaime, Joel Christopher for list building
Michel Fortin, Jo Han Mok, Yanik Silver and Jay White for copywriting
Mike Stewart and Josh Anderson for audio on the internet
Stephen Pierce, Frank Kern amd Rich Schefren for mindset and strategies
And the list goes on.

To beat them, you’ll need to generate BETTER RESULTS than them, get ‘approval’ from the mass public and have a strong credibility why you’re an authority.

Do you have any clue how much work that’s going to involve? They probably spend YEARS to be in that shoe. How much time you got?

And don’t forget– you’ll need to compete with others who want to be authorities as well. Hundreds of them.

Then EVEN if you did beat them at their own game, be prepared to put in a lot of work to hold on to your position because many marketers will keep on popping up like mushrooms. Some will even ‘steal’ your content and claim theirs. I’ve experienced this many times and it’s no fun.

Another case– let’s say you want to get rank in the search engines. Guess what—you’ll be competing with webmasters who know about search engine optimizations. Heck, some even know more than you. Remember—they’re marketers. Whatever you’re reading, they’re reading too or they have read.

Or if you have a forum on the topic of internet marketing. Let’s be frank with each other– would any user want to post there when there are already many active internet marketing forums going on?

And if all of those are not giving you enough headache, here’s the biggy– The internet marketing niche’s visitors and subscribers are smarter and savvier. Trying to convince someone in this market to do something like sharing a great article he has read without any incentive would be many times harder than a guy on the street.

I’m not picking on internet marketing niche but just doing a reality check. Those who make it, congratulations.

These are just same thoughts I want to share and I’ve not even scratch the surface yet on how challenging it is for the internet marketing niche. However, you can still do it if you’re already in that niche and currently generating good results in terms of traffic, income, positioning, credibility and relationship.

Niche marketing? I would say it’s the best business model. Most of the time, no one has claim authority of the sub-niche yet and even if there is one, it won’t be difficult to take over by using Niche Marketing 2.0 strategies. It’s easier to get search engines traffic because the existing rankings are most likely ranked by default. Meaning, they’re ranked because Google.com have not found any other sites more relevant but if you have a site like a Niche 2.0 Site, you’ll be able to optimize it.

And the market is not as smart and savvy as the highly competitive internet marketing niche. For instance, they’ll probably get ‘hooked’ with free e-courses or ereports that you’re giving away to get them subscribed to your newsletter. In a nutshell, it’s easier to impress them to subscribe or buy products.

While waiting for 26th February 2008, I’ve prepared 9 common questions about Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System:

Q1. Is Niche 2.0 Site Solution Software a free open source code software?

A2. No. As far as I’m concern, you cannot get this for free anywhere else. Niche 2.0 Site Solution Software is the system that will create all of the features on your Niche 2.0 Site and also be responsible for your Niche Marketing 2.0™ Control Panel where you can control your internet business as long as you have a computer with internet connection.

Q2. Can I use Joomla instead since that’s free?

A2. Just like WordPress, Joomla is free and no doubt IT IS a content management system (CMS). Niche 2.0 Site Solution is definitely not Joomla or any ‘ordinary’ CMS. It’s been selected for the purpose of Niche Marketing 2.0™ . For you to use Joomla to replace Niche 2.0 Site Solution, you would probably need to do a lot of customization and guessing that you’re customizing it correctly. On top of that, remember that YOU will be the person to make sure that it’s bug free and handles all of the technical issues for yourself. I’m not sure whether you have heard disastrous stories of marketers using free open source code and discovered about the bugs after the site is already running. This leads to business damage and loss of income because the bugs were not able to be fixed in time or be fixed at all.

Q3. Do I need to know how to install the script or have any technical knowledge at all?

A3. No. You’ll be given 3 simple steps to proceed upon confirmation. IT IS THAT EASY to get started. Step 1 is for you to inform us the niche you like to choose, step 2 is to provide us your domain name and finally, provide us the hosting login details for step 3. We will install and configure your Niche 2.0 Site Solution and setup your Niche 2.0 Site for free. And if you’re the first 50 clients to signup, we’ll custom-design your site with the header and ecover.

Q4. Am I buying a website or software?

A4. Both. You’re investing into a total solution, which is the Niche Marketing 2.0™ System. This includes the site and software plus the training materials. Simply having these two will not bring much result without the other portion of the system, which are the steps and strategies. At the same time, knowing the steps and strategies will be close to useless without the site and software to apply them. So they all work in a holistic way.

Q5. How fast can I start?

A5. Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll be emailed the details on how to proceed. Upon completion of the three steps (letting us to know your niche, domain name and hosting details), it’ll take approximately 7 – 14 working days to setup everything. If you’re the first 50 that gets the free site design, it’ll take 14 – 30 working days to have the design ready. The reason is, setup or design requires manual effort and personal time.

Q6. Why can I not just do it myself?

A6. First and foremost, I think you’ll end up spending more by doing it on your own. But you can still do it yourself since I’ve already provided the concept here. But really– you are definitely taking a much bigger financial and failure risk because I’ve already done the research, used my years of experience to think, develop the system, create a step-by-step plan, on the lookout for new updates, designed the site, etc for you.

Q7. I don’t have a niche. How do I use the system to start making money online?

A7. You don’t have to worry about this because I’ve already prepared a guide that will show you how to select your niche, specifically for your Niche 2.0 Site. But if you still have problems identifying your niche, no worries (again)! We’ll select the niche for you that we’ve researched to have potential profitability. This way, you don’t need to do anything.

Q8. I’m a newbie that haven’t make money online. Is this suitable for me?

A8. Yes. As long as you know how to use a computer, browse the internet and willing to follow the steps I’ve prepared in the Checklists for you, you’re good to go. You don’t need to be techny savvy to do this because the Niche 2.0 Site Solution Software already has the features needed to apply Niche Marketing 2.0™ strategies.

Q9. I’m already doing niche marketing and making money. I have a salesletter selling my niche product online and a blog. Do you think Niche Marketing 2.0™ System can enhance my business?

A9. Unless you’re already using the 6 key elements in your niche marketing business, then this system is very suitable for you. For instance, do you have a website that the content can be grown automatically by other’s contributions so that you can become an authority of your niche market? Or do you have a site catered to attract traffic from the search engines?

At the same time, by immersing yourself with the content of the 6 tele-classes, you’ll gain invaluable and novel ideas. I strongly believe that once you applied that information, you’ll definitely increase your income.

I’m in the middle of creating another video but I’m having a hard time to do it. It’s a really a pain in the rear to be live on video! I’m doing my best and that will come in a day or two from now.

Feel free to leave your comment below if you have any feedbacks or questions to ask.

Talk soon,

Patric Chan



February 19th, 2008

I was called on the phone.


And a bunch of tickets in my customer support helpdesk.

Thousands now want to know, or should I say see– a live Niche 2.0 Site.

Good thing no one was rude.

They were just excited.

In the next few seconds, you’ll get to see a Niche 2.0 Site. But I want to warn you– it’s in stealth mode. You probably can’t tell how the content can be generated on auto-pilot, why it can attract traffic from the search engines easier than ordinary sites, what is the strategy of generating income with it and a lot more things going on at the back. That’s actually a good news for all Niche Marketing 2.0 System clients so that it’s not easy for competitors to reverse-engineered. You probably see it as an ordinary site.

This is a new site that was just launched with zero advertising to the internet and it’s 98% of the original template.

For those geeks looking for some fancy features, I’m sorry to say that they’re missing out the real point of the site. I’m not a techny guy and without being offensive, I like to state that I’m not interested to learn that as well. I’m a business person and my only focus is to build internet business that makes money for myself and my clients. The site has ONE PURPOSE and ONLY ONE PURPOSE — to generate income by using all sorts of niche marketing strategies.

Here’s the site:


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Can you imagine having a professionally designed site that MAKES MONEY like this?

They’re SO WRONG telling you that how much work it’ll take to setup a content site in a niche market. Then, they crush your dream but quietly build their own. I’m telling you this because I now know the truth and have proof to show you. The secret of setting up a content site is simply you MUST have a content management system to manage and control your site. And if you get a good one, it’ll be piece of cake because you don’t need to be a tech expert or troubleshoot the stupid bugs.

Now, you might be thinking to jump on free open source code like Joomla, etc. I’m sure it might do the trick but will you take the chance? Assuming you want to build a house and you saw bricks on the road side that are free for you to take. Will you use those? I know I wouldn’t because I’m not going to live in a house that I do not know the quality of the bricks at all. Hey, it’s free. How much assurance can ask for that.

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The Niche 2.0 Site you saw above is close to useless if you miss out these 2 components. What I’m trying to say is, you can’t make money with the Niche 2.0 Site if you do not know how to make full use of it.

There are two things you need to know:

1. The steps how to make full use of it – How to create/generate content, attract traffic and generate income.

2. Understand the 6 key elements of Niche Marketing 2.0 concept and how to apply them effectively.

Just think it this way—The Niche 2.0 Site is the car. You’ll need to know how to drive a car like using the steering wheel, brake, etc (the steps) and have some driving skill (the concept and strategy).

The Niche 2.0 Site makes it EASY and convenient to apply Niche Marketing 2.0 concept into the marketplace because it’s been build with the features required for best result, while other ordinary sites normally don’t have.

So even though you know the steps and mastered the Niche Marketing 2.0 concept, you might still struggle to apply them (but possible) without the Niche 2.0 Site.

Vice versa, you probably able to make some money with the site but if you know the steps and strategies, you’ll definitely make many times more.


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Within the next 48 hours, you’ll be able to win a copy of the Niche Marketing 2.0 System. Here’s how:

Go to www.SuccessAndLife.com

I want you to carefully spot the Niche 2.0 Site and tell me which features of it is using a Niche Marketing 2.0 concept and why do you think it’s powerful in terms of either generating free content, free traffic or autopilot income. The CLOSEST answer will win. So really, you don’t even need to be correct! :-)

Just in case if you miss out the earlier report, How To Make 6-Figure Income In Niche Marketing, here are the 6 key elements of Niche Marketing 2.0 concept:

1. Authority Position To Dominate A Niche Market

2. Two Way Relationship To Capture Mindshare Of The Market

3. Pull Marketing Strategy

4. Eliminating Competitors by Creating Alliances

5. Leveraging On The Rise Of The Long Tail

6. Creating A Consistent And Continuous Growth Business Model

To participate, just leave your Comment below and MAKE SURE you include your email so that I can contact you and the winner’s name will be posted on the blog. Contest ends on the 21st Feb, 12 PM EST.

**The Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ System is comprises of the Niche 2.0 Site, Niche 2.0 Site Solution Software, Niche 2.0 Site Solution Guide, Content Checklist, Traffic Checklist, Income Checklist, 6 Live Tele-Classes and a bunch of bonuses. So if you win, I can assure you that you’ll get a very waluable package that will be sold out once it’s launched in the market.

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After the winner of the contest is announced, I’ll give you a new bonus video for free that will show you 3 ways how www.SuccessAndLife.com is a complete fusion of web 2.0 combined with proven niche marketing strategies. I can’t reveal it now because I’m running a contest but once you know these concepts, you’ll see how matching these together can make you rich online.

By the way, even if you’re not participating in the contest, you’re most welcome to leave a Comment for any feedback that you have.




How To Make 6-Figure Income In Niche Marketing

February 13th, 2008

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This short report has just been completed and it reveals the 6 key elements of Niche Marketing 2.0 ™, which one of the elements is currently used by big time websites like Amazon.com and Itunes.com to generate millions of dollars online.

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